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Super Ideal Cut Moissanites: Part 1 Introduction

Super Ideal Cut Moissanites: Part 1 Introduction

Today we begin a short series of blog posts around this product which has really gained steam over the past year.  Moissanite products are being introduced all over the globe with the Charles & Covard (C&C) patent expiring. Having spent some quality time with products that cover the spectrum I had decided early in 2018 to bring moissanite products to market that were unique to the industry.  Particularly in way of the August Vintage Cushion and European Cut varieties.  First some basics though.

  • What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a laboratory grown gem which is perhaps the most "diamond looking" material on the market.  It's a durable gem that scores a 9.25 on the mohs hardness scale while diamond stands at 10 (the hardest) with ruby, sapphire and corrundum gems at 9.0.  That's pretty darn tough for a gem which makes it ideal and suitable for wearing in every day jewelry.  Here is a neat video produced by C&C answering this very question.


When moissanites were introduced I wasn't thrilled.  They were cut sloppily (kinda like cz's are) and had an unseemly green tint.  They did generate enough thermal heat though to fool the common diamond testers on the market and there were jewelers and consumers getting burned by dishonest business people.  Hence we never carried them in our family store at that time. Fast forward to this past year.

A new composition was introduced to the growing of moissanite called 4H, which has given moissanite growers the ability to produce colorless (D-F) and near colorless (G-J) gems.  This is all well and good but what is it that truly separates the best, most diamond looking moissanites from their common counterparts?  THAT we will explore in our next blog post of Super Ideal Cut Moissanites. 

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