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Rhino's Diamond Concierge

Welcome to Rhino's New Diamond Concierge!


Note: If you get an "Authentication Failed" message up top of your screen please click this link and all will work fine. :)


  • I'm excited to get back to my roots of customer service with my new, no frills, diamond concierge. You, the consumer get to capitalize on my 3 decades of buying experience to put my wisdom, knowledge and gemological expertise to work for you in getting you the most gemologically sound diamond for your purchasing dollar.  To take advantage of this service doesn't cost you a dime either (unless you buy of course). :)
  • I have partnered with whom I know to be some of the best manufacturers within the industry and to cherry pick your diamond for you as I have been doing over the course of the past decades that I've been serving the Internet community.  My results are guaranteed every time. Doubt me? Google my name. 
  • I will be personally vetting your diamond and showing you detailed analysis of clarity, color and especially cut. HD ASET results as well as HD video showing how that correlates to real world observation in multiple lighting environments as well as an exclusive and brand new HD microscopic analysis to check for clarity characteristics including but not limited to open inclusions, graining, haze ... ie. the things you don't see on a GIA lab Report that impact value and that no armchair gemologist can tell you. As a renown gemologist on the web I'll give you my expert commentary and analysis on whatever diamond it is you're considering. No service on the web is like it.
  • Every diamond is backed with a no risk, full refund policy. My goal is to find you the absolute best diamond at the best value (the cheapest isn't always the best value!)
  • To get started here is the process.
  • If you'd like me to do the search for you simply fill out the form here.
  • If you'd like to get in on the searching process and pick what you believe are the top choices...
    • Enter your search criteria in the search engine below to narrow down your options.
    • Pick your top 3 candidates and click on the "QUESTIONS" button (highlighted in green) NOT the "ADD TO CART" button.
    • I will acquire actual imagery of your selections (not phony sample imagery) and determine if the diamond is worth pursuing or not based on the images which I'll be sharing with you and the Report data. I'll be pre-screening the diamond before acquisition.
    • If I determine all green flags based on the data, only then do we proceed to purchase. It is at that time the absolute best diamond is acquired and sent to me for a complete gemological analysis and vetting.  
    • If the diamond does not pass inspection here with flying colors I return it and will acquire the next best option.
    • If the diamond does pass we will proceed to ship to you for approval. The diamond is backed with no risk full refund policy determined by the manufacturer which is generally 2 weeks.  If there are any exceptions I would notify you about that beforehand.  Over 2 decades of serving people online I have saved consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars on their purchases. I'll do the same for you.
    • If you don't see the search engine below click this link